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Using School Wristbands to incentivise perfect attendance among school students!

A whole school year with 100% it possible? Let's find out together.

Across the UK schools are adapting the ways in which they interact with their students, to keep them enthused and happy with the school environment.

However, some students can unfortunately slip away from the fold - whether this is due to personal problems or due to lack of incentive, it is hard to know.

The best thing that teachers can do is to make students feel that they have a real reason for being at school - and competition is always a good way to get enthusiasm brewing. This is where school wristbands for attendance rewards come in.

Similar to school merit systems - our school wristband system works in the following way; you award your students with a specific wristband, for each milestone that they hit.

For instance, if a student finishes with 85% attendance - they get a green wristband, and if they finish with 100% attendance they get a golden wristband.

This creates a sense of achievement among the highest ranking students - which is indeed something to be proud of, however they will be able to wear this pride on their wrists and inspire their peers to do the same during next term!

If you think that school wristbands for attendance rewards would work for your school, feel free to request a free sample pack or contact us directly and we'll be happy to help with your enquiry.

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