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School Wristbands for Class Awards & Incentives

Do your students need motivation for learning? Sometimes it can be a struggle to gain your students attention when there is little in their own mind to gain for it.

This is where incentives, and class awards come in. Everyone remembers the proud feeling of receiving a merit certificate, or a star sticker for good behaviour - and running home to quickly show it to your parents or loved ones.

Our school wristbands for class awards and incentives work in exactly the same way - however they have different messages, to award for different good behaviour.

This includes things such as perfect attendance or good reading! There's one for every situation and it really helps to get students enthusiastic about being great all round star pupils.

If you think that school wristbands for class awards and incentives would work for your school - please feel free to request a free sample pack or contact us directly, and we'll be more than happy to help with your enquiry.

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