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School Merit Award Wristbands for Sports Day

Bronze, silver & gold. Instead of filling up that dusty old trophy cabinet - wear your victory on your wrist!

School wristbands are great for so many different reasons - one being that they are incredibly practical for incentivising students, and as easy to hand-out rewards for reaching milestones.

We have an amazing range of school merit award wristbands - that act functionally as bronze, silver & gold medals. However, they're a lot cheaper and wont weigh your students down to the ground before they get home!

School merit award wristbands are therefore perfect for sports days - in replacement of medals or stickers, students can have something small and long lasting to take home. Being the envy among friends can really incentivise their peers to aim higher too.

School merit award wristbands can also be used in everyday classroom scenarios - such as when someone has received 25 merits or more in the term. We usually suggest to have 25 merits as bronze, 50 merits as silver & 75 merits as gold!

If you think school merit award wristbands would work well in your school - please request a free sample pack, or contact us directly & we'll be happy to help with your enquiry.

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