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About Us

Find out more about our why our school supplies service is the best in the UK via the button below.


Keep up to date with the latest school supplier news, such as our latest products and special offers!

Loyalty Rewards

Earn points that you can redeem for free supplies and discount codes, which helps to keep expenses low.

Payment Terms

Find out about our flexible payment terms and how you can pay by invoice up to 30 days after receipt.


Check out our customer reviews and see why we're the best school supplies service in the UK.

Search Bar System

We take note of everything typed into our search bar, and use it to help us source more school supplies.


Sign up for an account here for access to our 30 day credit terms and the ability to pay by invoice.


Contact us with any questions or enquiries and we'll be more than happy to help you.

Email a Basket

You can email your basket to a colleague. Simply copy the URL of your basket & send it in an email from your end.

Price Beating & Product Sourcing

Do you purchase items for your school on a regular basis? If so, we could save you thousands by providing a better price on any item that you suggest to us.

Simply send us an email with the item you're purchasing, along with your preferred quantity - and our team will get to work beating your current school suppliers price.

We can source any school supplies, so please do let us know if you have an enquiry.

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