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How to find a school supplier

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

One of the first questions you may ask when tasked with finding a school supplier, is simply where can I find a trustworthy & reliable school supplier?

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How to find a school supplier

With the help of the internet, and government guidelines along with tools from search engines - you can easily distinguish a reliable school supplier from a school supplier who you'd really want to avoid.

“First of all, check testimonials and reviews - you'll be sure to find if anyone has had a bad experience. Also, do not be fooled by 100% positive reviews as these can easily be purchased online!”

The UK government has a website that can help to find DfE-approved framework for your school. This is framework approved by the Department for Education, which is responsible for children's services and education. This website will help you to find ways to buy goods, or services that are recommended by the Department for Education. From here you will find school suppliers with good value for money, and school suppliers that are compliant with current procedures and procurement law set by the DfE.

You can find the UK government school supplier website here:

Do all UK public schools have set suppliers?

The answer to this questions is actually no! Most schools don't have set school suppliers, it is simply that procurement officers and finance departments tend to favour reliable and affordable school suppliers - and will usually stick with one trustworthy school supplier wherever they can. This does not mean however, that specific school suppliers are set in law or legislation.

If you have any questions about our school supply service - we'll always be happy to help!

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