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Custom Book Bags for Schools

Are you paying more than what's necessary for a crucial school supply such as custom book bags?

We guarantee to beat the price of any competitor! Book bags for schools should be affordable and of high quality - without added costs for safety features.

Every primary school in the UK requires school book bags for some reason or another - books bags for primary schools have been a common identifier among school children in the UK for almost over a century. Less common in other countries, school book bags are a part of British culture and identity - everyone from young children of today, to the children of the early 1900's have had at least one school book bag in their lifetime. It's for good reason too!

Book bags for schools encourage better behaviour

Book bags for schools help to ensure each pupil arrives with their correct books, and resources for the day ahead - it allows pupils to safely transport homework to and from the school, and it can also act as storage for any stationary or pencil cases.

Without book bags for schools, it's likely that each pupil would be more inclined to forgetting their school supplies and would be more likely to lose homework due to wear & tear on the commute to and from school.

School book bags can be printed with your logo

Our custom school book bags can be printed with your logo, brand or message - in any ink colour, and up to 8 different fabric colours. Our in-house designers can easily match your school book bags to fit your house colours and branding - this makes our school book bags perfect for re-sale, giveaways and school trips.

Add ink colours for just £10.00 + 20p per colour / item

We're able to completely match your logo and print in full colour! Add just £10.00 + 20p per colour / item, and we can produce a beautiful book bag that doesn't compromise on your school's colours or brand identity.

Add writing boxes for just £20.00 + 30p per box / item

We can include writing boxes for a small extra free, that allows each and every one of your school book bags to be personalised by the pupil who owns it! This saves any potential mix-ups at home-time and can be a real hassle stopper for any teachers who regularly have to deal with bags going missing.

We include reflective safety features for free!

All of our book bags for schools include reflective safety features - free of charge. We don't believe in charging extra for children's safety, and so our book bags are produced with two reflective corners + a partially reflective strap, this helps students to remain safe on their commute to and from school on dark winter's days.

Interested in our book bags for schools?

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